Preparing for adulthood & Careers

At Oakwood we promote a culture of positivity, ambition and resilience through pupil centred learning to engage, motivate and empower pupils in all areas of their lives in order to reach their fullest potential. We recognise Preparation for Adulthood should begin as early as possible to support pupils and families to have high aspirations for the future. During the earliest experiences with us in EYFS onwards, we work hard to ensure that our pupils are experiencing a broad and enriched curriculum, building confidence and independence skills which aims to stimulate their interests into the world of work and supports develop the communication skills, resilience and problem solving skills needed for life after Oakwood. This builds to incorporate a wide ranging careers programme to guide our pupils through their choices in life alongside parents. 

Preparation for Adulthood 

Preparing for adulthood means preparing for:

• Higher Education and/or Employment 

• Independent Living

• Community Participation

• Good Health 

The document below shows some of the ways the preparing for adulthood themes are delivered at Oakwood from EYFS up to end of Key Stage 4. 

Preparing for Adulthood


Careers Lead: Ruth Richardson & Kelvin Stephens 

Careers Advisor: Rachael Maybank  

Gatsby Benchmarks 

What is the Gatsby Benchmarks? 

The eight Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework for secondary school leaders, head teachers and career advisors that define what world class career provision in education looks like and provides clear guidance for organising the best possible careers education, information, advice and guidance at our school. 


The 8 Gatsby Benchmarks are: 

Why are the Gatsby Benchmarks important?  

The Gatsby Benchmarks have a key role in: 

Careers at Oakwood

Enterprise and enrichment opportunities at Oakwood

What is Enterprise Opportunities and Why are they Important?

Enterprise gives students the unique opportunity to develop life skills, understand the costs and benefits of risk taking, communication skills and the important of collaboration. The role of education is to prepare pupils for the future and these are the skills the future will need.

Over the academic year we take part in a range of projects that provide entrepreneurial approach to learning (please see attached timetable below). The aim is for our pupils to develop entrepreneurship skills, creativity, costing, production and marketing, developing functional life skills. Also invaluable in developing team work, initiative, self-esteem, resilience, ICT, Art and Craft, DT skills, Horticulture and a sense of achievement.


What is Enrichment Opportunities and Why are they Important?

The purpose of the enrichment curriculum is to provide a broad range of opportunities to learn and develop outside of the classroom. These opportunities foster professional skills such as resilience, active listening, confidence, self-esteem and teamwork.

Enterprise and Enrichment Timetable for 2023-2024