Oakwood School is a specialist provision for children aged 3 - 13 years with complex educational needs.  The school is commissioned for 238 places (September 2024).

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, stimulating and nurturing learning environment where we help our children to learn in bespoke and innovative ways to ensure optimum progression.

Our highly qualified staff coupled with our forward-thinking approach to resources and technology, allow children to communicate and participate in the world around them.

We promote a wide range of high quality learning experiences, catering for all learning styles so that no child is ever left behind.

At Oakwood everyone is valued and treated with respect and is encouraged to be the best they can possibly be.

Mrs Kate Bargh Miss Michelle Smith Mrs Ruth Richardson
Executive Headteacher Head of School Primary Head of School Secondary

Vision Statement

At Oakwood School we are nurtured to grow and flourish.

We promote a culture of positivity, ambition and resilience through pupil centred learning to engage, motivate and empower children in all areas of their lives. 

Children are at the heart of our school. Together with their families, we foster strong supportive teams around them to build on strengths and overcome barriers; embracing creativity, innovation and technology.

We maximise potential, grow independence and celebrate all achievements.


Mission Statement

As a hub of the community it is our responsibility to create opportunities for every child to be the best that they can possibly be!

Through our personalised curriculum children will develop emotionally, physically and holistically.

Children will feel valued, respected and safe in our happy and inclusive environment.

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Walsall Wood Campus
Druids Walk
Walsall Wood
West Midlands

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Pelsall Lane Campus
Pelsall Lane
West Midlands

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