Mental Health and    Wellbeing

At Oakwood want to ensure that we are creating healthy environment for staff, pupils and families where positive mental health is everyone’s business and every individual and contribution is valued.

 We know that life challenges may make us vulnerable at times and that anyone may need additional support at some stage. On these pages, you will find useful links to services and resources that will help manage and improve your Mental Health and Wellbeing. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Senior Mental Health Lead is: Nicole Rostron

Our Mental Health First Aiders are: Nicole Rostron, Lianne Atkins


What is Mental Health and Wellbeing?

We all have mental health, in the same way that we all have physical health. Sometimes we experience good periods of mental health where we generally feel happy and can cope with every day stressors. Sometimes we may need some additional support. 1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue of some kind each year in England (Mind Charity).

Please use the information below to help you understand your Mental Health and Wellbeing and how to improve it or access support when needed.  

Managing Wellbeing

Having good mental health and wellbeing does not mean you will feel happy and content all of the time. Everyone has ups and downs. Having strategies to help you cope, unwind and manage the stresses of life really help. Managing your wellbeing can be tricky at first. The trick is to try out what works for you and take things gradually. It is important that we recognise ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. Looking after our own wellbeing as parents, carers, family or staff is essential for looking after the wellbeing of our children.

We hold regular coffee mornings with North Star SEND Parent Network. If you would like details of our next event please contact us.

You can manage your wellbeing by making time for:


For more tips and ideas on managing your own wellbeing, including free mindfulness apps, please see these links below:

Wellbeing ideas:

How food can lift your mood:

Tips on managing loneliness:

Tips on managing stress:

Rainbows trust guide to supporting parents with an illness:

Yoga for stress and anxiety:

Free mindfulness apps:

Managing the Mental Health and Wellbeing of your child

Wellbeing can be a tricky area to navigate with our children and will look different for each child.

As a school, the health and wellbeing of our children is a priority. We do a number of things to support them, and wellbeing support is woven through every aspect of our curriculum. Here are some general tips and resources for promoting wellbeing at home. If you have any concerns about your child please contact us.

In school, we support Mental Health and Wellbeing in the following ways:

We support children to:


We support staff to:

 Manage workload by planning deadlines around key pressure points in the school calendar.


We support our families by: