Sports Premium

The government provides additional funding for the sole purpose of improving the provision of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport in Primary Schools. The funding is provided jointly by the Departments of Education and Health, Culture, Media and Sport and will be allocated directly to Primary School Head Teachers.

Due to the specialist nature of Oakwood School the needs of the children were paramount when decisions were made regarding the use of the Sports Premium.

The priorities identified and acted upon were as follows:-

·         Developing physical literacy and basic skills for all children.

·         Providing an enhanced range of sustainable physical activities for all children regardless of their needs.

·         Promoting healthy lifestyles by encouraging physical activity throughout the school day.

·         Further develop the provision of Adventurous Outdoor Education.

·         Develop the skills and abilities of all staff to ensure high quality PE.

·         Developing long term sustainable links with other local Primary Schools.

The Impact of Sports Premium on pupils PE, Participation and Attainment 2016-2017

All of the children in key stages one and two have had the opportunity to visit a local Outdoor Education Centre and accessed opportunities that would not otherwise have been available. They undertook orienteering and archery sessions and fully engaged with the activities. As a result of the visits staff at the school developed their skills and abilities in relation to outdoor education through the support that they received from qualified professionals and are much more confident during these situations. In the future this will allow a wider range of Adventurous Outdoor Education activities to take place across the school.

Additional scooters were purchased for use outside which has allowed children to undertake frequent exercise and has shown an increase in coordination and bodily control which children have been able to transfer to other classroom activities and has also allowed them to be more active throughout the school day and shown additional health benefits for the children through developing healthy active lifestyles.

A range of equipment was purchased to create a sensory gym for the sensory learning group. All of the children have PMLD, the equipment has afforded them the opportunity to undertake challenging physical activity at a suitable level which has had significant impact on their core strength and has allowed some of the children to sit upright with much higher levels of independence and developed their health and wellbeing. It has also allowed children to be active and independent whilst they are out of their wheelchairs. Due to the success of the sensory gym additional equipment and resources will be purchased in order to extend the scheme to other children with physical needs around the school.

The funding has also allowed a group of children to access Forest Schools activities at a local partner school. The children gained new experiences and confidence as well as being active, now the link with the partner school is established and entrenched the programme will be increased during this academic year to allow more children to benefit from the Forest School experience.

Transport was provided for children to access a range of physical activities within the local community.

The existing Horse riding programme was continued with further success, targeted children developed their confidence and skills which has been reflected in their enhanced levels of enthusiasm for physical activities and improved co-ordination and physical literacy.


PE Sports Premium 2017-18

The goals for the effective use of the Sports Premium 2017-18 were as follows-

  • Replace and replenish resources to allow the continuation of high quality PE provision.
  • To maintain and entrench Horse Riding and Adventurous Outdoor Education as integral parts of the Oakwood curriculum.
  • To develop links and collaborative working with North Star Federation.
  • To develop access to Forest Schools.
  • To purchase a range of equipment to extend the sensory gym for children with physical and sensory difficulties allowing these children to access an enhanced curriculum